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We just did what happened and no one came

Recorded in 2005, We just did what happened and no one came, was Sweet Billy Pilgrims debut album. We have a very limited number of the original CD issues, as well as the reissued and remastered version on both vinyl and CD.

Track Listing:

1). Atlantis  3:33  

2). Stars spill out of cups  6:28  

3). God in the details  5:21  

4). In the water I am beautiful  3:14  

5). Deshonrado  4:14  

6). No Jesus in here  4:52  

7). Experience  4:50  

8). Black flag  4:57  

9). Atropina  5:16


"Disturbing and beautiful, layered and arranged with funereal precision." (8/10) - Americana - UK

"...stunning..." (8.5 /10) - *sixeyes

"This calm, pretty folktronica is strange but not difficult: there are choruses here that, if Chris Martin had stumbled across them, would have shifted another million Coldplay albums. A rather special debut." (3/5) - Mark Edwards (Sunday Times)

"Elsenburg's perfectly shaped songs have the same power as magic realist short stories that sieve the emotions and leave you reduced to jelly." (****) - Mojo Magazine